Harpsody, a unique Harp Duo (Tomoko Sato and Kaffee T. Mimun) based in Orange/Los Angeles County, has been performing in museums, churches, and benefit functions since 2003.

Our broad repertoires include classical, contemporary, new-age, popular, as well as
our own arrangements from other instruments. When requested in advance, we customize and arrange a piece for two harps.

In 2006 Harpsody has been awarded a Grant from the Co-op Press Commission Assistance Grand Program for composer, Sy Brandon, to write a work for two harps. Dr. Sy Brandon holds the rank of professor emeritus of music from Millersville University, Millersville, PA where he taught low brass, composition, orchestration, music history, electronic music, and music industry for twenty four years. To learn more about Dr. Brandon, please visit :

The piece, Sonatasia was featured at Harpsody concert on September 15, 2006 at the SalviharpsInc in Anaheim.

Recently Harpsody performed at the American Harp Society national convention in Los Angeles in 2013 and received high acclaim.

You can watch Harpsody play on the following video:

Brahms Capriccio Op.118 no.3 for Two Harps

Brahms Rhapsody Op.79 no.1 by Two Harps
Our first CD, Contemporary Music for Two Harps has been released in summer 2005, and it has been featured byUllanta Records. You can listen to sample music and purchase at
 La Ragazza by Bernard Andres
    Allegro moderato
Sonatine pour deux Harpes by Jean-Michel Damase
Parvis by Bernard Andres
Duo Voor Twee Harpen by Ludwig Otten
Suite for Two Harps from Pentacle by Carlos Salzedo
   IV. Catacombs
The Angel Israfil (whose heart-strings are a lute) by Dominick Argento